Monday, April 20, 2020

Separation of church and state: marriage and societal strength

Marriage was made in heaven, done so for expressed purpose of limiting Adam’s loneliness on earth.  She, Eve, was designed to be his helpmate, his companion for all that this Garden of Eden and perhaps beyond…, possessed per the creation.  Sadly, marriage—and love for that matter— is greatly reduced and ridiculed as a profound part of a relatively free society.     

Some might still believe that marriage is a contract—but they would be (are) wrong!  Due to divorce reform(s), marriage has been damaged and diluted as to an institution, made so by No Fault, unilateral and uncontested civil law.  Indeed, civil law has done more to hurt the institution of marriage than any other single, social or cultural change.  Yes, it is in effect the subsidizing of divorce—making it easier—that has reduced marriage to nothing more than a relationship of convenience. 

She said…, he said, but neither really matter given the prevailing law, civil law system that has set marriage up to fail by easing the conditions for divorce as not only a loop hole but a lot of holes in this once-respected and common-law practice, marriage. 

More to come. 

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