Thursday, April 30, 2020

Taking the mask off the mask

Only folks my age or older may recall the days of the Cuban Missile Crisis when, in response, civil defense measures were taken to include public school, "Drop, Duck and Cover" whereby kids got under their desks as a countermeasure for a possible atomic explosion. 

Really....dropping under your a countermeasure or precaution for an atomic explosion?  

Not nearly as atomic but never the less as asinine, the mask has taken hold of the U.S. population and in keeping with culture has taken on some degree of class and chic.  Sure, you can possibly find a basic 95 surgical mask but why be plain-Jane when you can jazz it up and really bring-out the real you.  

For those who still health over image, the following video: 

About the mask

As to socialization and stigma, the mask sends mixed messages, the masked to unmasked (or anyone else in the vicinity):  

  • I am sick and do not want to infect you
Which makes sense, since the mask is designed for that 
  • Somebody is sick and I do not want them to infect me
Which does not make sense since the mask is not designed for that 
  • The air is tainted or viral....
Which could make sense given that some cities and concentrated populations have such air quality not withstanding the application of masks in an industrial setting.  

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