Monday, April 13, 2020

The coming Dark Winter(s)

Well, on this day and for this time, I am compelled to write about the coming Dark Winter(s); that if fact, each and any of these developing trends are intensifying, the effect of both natural and unnatural causes, the cycles of the solar system and the combination of several economic and social trends that are (and will) usher us unto and into a deep and Dark Winter.

What do I mean, “Dark Winter(s)”?

If you are not already familiar with this phrase, it means a prolonged period of decline, the end of one “epoch” (as used liberally) and the beginning of another on a global, universal scale. I do not share this in either casual or cavalier way, but with conviction based on what I believe based on limited reading, understanding and of course, urgency.

There are things that I am sure I do not understand or comprehend and more, things unknown to such depth and degree that I can confidently accept such. Surely, I am unsure about some things and stupefied by others….

For the foreseeable future, my postings will concentrate on these things, the basis of my belief and more, some detail(s) of and in the deep and Dark Winter(s) before us.   In fact, these things have arrived, the plans of which are based on a positive purpose, the works of God, and on a negative one, the works of mankind—and especially the powerful as a primary predator of humanity.  As to the later, the “negative one”, the powers are finally spiritual, also deep and dark, deeply ingrained in man and darkly insidious in isolating man from God, the created from their creator.    

The dark and Deep Winter(s) are coming, and indeed are here. 

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