Monday, April 20, 2020

The state and the health of society

Is the state really concerned about the health of society?  

Does the state have the capacity to care at all for individuals, their families and communities, and society at large? 

...Only to the extent that it serves their passion, purpose and plan.  


Is the state aimed to "flatten the curve" or to fatten community (society)?  

That depends only to the extent that it serves their passion, plan and purpose.  Whether folks matter to the state depends largely on whether folks serve the state, it's purpose and plan...POWER.    

The state maintains a military ostensibly for defense but much more to acquire more power, possession. It spends sums of money--sometimes beyond borrowing let alone equity-- to acquire more for special interests, investors in conflict and conquest, any and all who gain to profit however costly.... 

Murray Rothbard - The Government Is Not Us

Anything or anyone who that stands in the way or constrains the state's purpose and plan is certainly of interest albeit as defiant, dissident or similar.  Further and farther, individual folks are not part of, or in any other measure, a member of the state.  

Would the state aim to systematically stop or altogether end folks who do not embrace it's plan and purpose; those deemed to be worthless?   

History says, "Yes".  

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