Monday, April 13, 2020

Winter is difficult, but then the determined…

Winter is difficult but then, without Winter, where is the anticipation and excitement of Spring and the other seasons. 

I live in Florida at present and so such seasons are hardly distinct.  Even in Northeast Florida, Winters are reduced to a few weeks, so to my “experience(s)” [or lack therein], there is plenty to cause to question, doubt and dispute my comments based on the matter of Winter let alone the metaphor—much more. 

Still, I turn to experts; those professions and persons who impress me as respected or respectable—not only for there credentials but also their apparent motives, intentions and constraints. Many supposed as “respected or respectable” will follow power and profit to another deep and dark place only because they lack the personal integrity and sense of right to cease…contradict and counter “the powerful as a primary predator of humanity”.

A relative few however do cease and do contradict and counter such powers, this primary predator and their ilk. Yes, there are those, a few, who do go against the tide of bad tidings, and sincerely, scientifically and even spiritually, care.

“Care about what?”, you might ask or at least think.

Care about humanity, health, help and hope. First their families, then community and finally civilization, these few are foremost good folks who offer humanity not a good name but also a good chance. I will be referencing these folks in the coming postings, names and such.

Lastly in this posting is again the matter of Winter, both the natural and the unnatural. 
When nature calls, we each must respond; some may say, “It’s okay”, while others, not…. As it is however, through all of civilization:
Nature has no emotion; nature has no mercy; nature is relentless; and everything is the servant of truth—and each truth is a natural law.

Coming is more the matter of the Winter in the cyclical, historical activity of the sun. 

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