Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The FED, finally

I don’t know. I might as well try to estimate the grains of sand on a beach—or all beaches wherever they may be and for whatever the tide, time of year or any other variations.

Who knows where all this money comes? Unceasing, unlimited and, as it is, unfathomable?

But what is money really?  We know it’s a finely printed paper and that it is exchanged for goods and services.  We also know that without money, one cannot seemingly survive.  

Maybe it’s true, that love makes the world go round but it sure seems that it’s money. 

The FED is said to the lender of last resort; that when/as (and always), the state wants for money (really, financing) that The FED is there to save the day—buying treasuries and more (bonds, mortgages, etc.) to yet again bail out banks or to otherwise lift the moral hazard of malinvestment, malfeasance or any other mal-adjustments made by the vile maxim of the masters of mankind.  

In his book, Anatomy of the State, Murray Rothbard describes money as the

“Command post of the economy and society”—the modern monopoly of the state. 
Other monopolies are:
  • Violence (force)
  • Judicial power
  • Communications (media)
  • Transportation (land, sea and air)

In truth, the endless money of the FED--as it seems--is  the mortgaging of all assets in America; it is debt peonage on a grand scale.  This financial fandango is simply the selling-out of sovereignty; it is the way in which a relative few use the many as either a milk cow or, worse yet, a meat cow; either way, "the herd".   

From President James Garfield: 
Whoever controls the volume of money is any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce. 
Maybe more to come on the dollar, $, and what is a certain death to usher in the world currency and yet more enslavement of humanity.  

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