Thursday, May 28, 2020

THEY LIVE - Stay Safe!

Here is another way of attending the positive,a seemingly good thing and a perfect salutation to anyone, spoken or suggested as sincere or not:  

"Stay Safe" 

Reality is that life is not always safe. No matter how much prevention or precaution one takes (or gives), some level of risk realized.   

An actuary, risk analyst or others who in some way account and/or apply statistics certainly understand such to underwrite and in the most severe of outcomes, undertake the consequences of risks' realized, positive or negative.   

Why all this heightened attention, anguishing over safety, security? 

The simply answer is the virus as of late, a pandemic in the making, and before that, a time of terrorism brought on by the claims that "They hate us."    

But is the answer simple?  After all, there are many simply answers to complex questions (or problems)--none of which is ever correct, complete.  

At present, the public is pressed to such levels of attention, even to anguish (fear) given the portending and publicizing that 

"If you don't do ________, then this or that will happen."      

It is natural to plan and practice good health and welfare against the realities of life and living. 

But then the unnatural...which is not reality or experience but more perception(s) propagated by propaganda: 

"This or that can--and will--happen unless you do what we tell you to do." 

Thus, you must: 

  • OBEY 
And above all, Be Enlightened!  

So finally, risks are exploited, the plan and purpose to control folks, fear as a means.   

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