Sunday, May 24, 2020

THEY LIVE – SUBMIT to the elite

The late Francis Schaeffer speaks of the inevitable consequence of The West’s surrendering of “the Christian consensus”; that the present quest for “’personal peace’” and prosperity (affluence)” as “poor values” would result in a relative few of elites governing the world, most to SUBMIT.

"SUBMIT" is not an altogether bad word, action. The Book of Proverbs, for example, instructs the believer or child of God to submit in all ways such that your paths will be straight (3:6).  

But SUBMIT is not altogether good either—and especially when it is done under the deception of lies and the compulsion of fear.  

Should you SUBMIT to such…under lies and fear?

For a world order to govern the world, nation states or sovereigns must SUBMIT (or surrender), their supposed citizens convinced, compelled, or coerced to SUBMIT or face dire circumstances.   

An ideal or altogether clever way of submission is on the apparent or announced basis of something good, right, and even noble for example, public health, the preservation of freedom, safety and security, or something similar. 

Of course, “the ideal way” means that there must be some form of existential threat, real or perceived; disease or virus, a rouge nation-state, a terrorist cell or movement, or an altogether clear and present danger; that individually or collectively serve to strike fear among the citizens and thereby persuade them to act—even beyond the unthinkable!  Propaganda is very effective in this process.  

To SUBMIT is to accept without exceptions, doubts, or disputes.  

Even in the last days of Nazi-Germany, some held-on to Hitler, still believing in The Thousand Year Reign—too proud to doubt, too fearful to dismiss, or too deceived to the deeper madness, maniacal and malicious as is seen in retrospect.

But could (can) something similar happen here, in the U.S.? 

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