Saturday, May 2, 2020

To divide is to conquer the tribes

Most of us may be aware of the term or phrase, "Divide and Conquer", but what does it really mean or, in the context of community, what does it really do? 

In the 3-minute video below, a summary of this strategy or tactic applied to, yes, politics. 

Divide & Conquer

But at this time and given scale of this international effect per the virus, is it possible or likely that some high-level of the politic are doing this very thing: dividing and then conquering? 

You may think or say, "No way!", followed by a question/statement, "Why would they take down much of the world's economy without a justified or reasonable cause?"  

As to the "Why...", I am not sure yet, but as to the possibility of such motives (by the politic), I rely on several time-proven behaviors: 
  • First, that the state and media lie, or said another way, they deliberately withhold the truth, the facts and figures that do not comport with their agenda, their interests
  • Second, that the state uses power as both a means and end, and thus it's motive is always driven by power or force for power, control, domination or by any similar description, its interests 
You may believe (if you care or are concerned), that the government is generally good; that they care about community and folks and that they motive are thus in no way to divide and conquer.   I believe that some individuals do, but then the system, institution and the dangerous combination of authority without accountability.  

But if that were true in the modern day in our culture, than tribes would still exist, co-exist; that is, independent, self-governing communities.  Recall that to tame The West, and the entire land mass of America, the government had to eradicate tribes of any kind, ostensibly the native american but others too, hence "the melting pot".    

Tribes and the state cannot coincide or coexist as the later's demands are to no end whereas the former is distributive power that, while constructed of a hierarchy, depends much more on unity then division, much more on trust than force and much more on the whole rather than a few.    

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