Monday, June 8, 2020

THEY LIVE - Stay Asleep

To "Stay Asleep" is to not wake up to the realities about you, facts and truth of the times, events and all else that comprises your culture, community and finally you. 

To be or stay asleep means that you're not cognizant to what's happening--even with/for your life--without critical thinking let alone any action or attitude that may ensue.  

Oh, you have trouble with this, relaxing? 

Well then, you may be taking a risk--a BIG RISK--for who really understands what happens when you WAKE UP?   You're liable to do go far, take extremes, and say and do things that even shock you let alone others who may think or express, 
"Who is this person?" 

Sometimes folks go too far, as others think, and do something far more foolish than fearless, far more careless than courageous, far more stupid than stupendous.  
But then, who is say when one pushed too far; that whatever is at risk, they are ready to say, 
"I am that person." 

Is there a pill for fearlessness, for courage, for doing something stupendous?  No, but there are an endless volume and every growing variety to make us foolish, careless and stupid.  

Believing is not always seeing, understanding not always reading,and embracing not always the so-called "norm"; that declared as true, real or right by the state, their media and any other underlings who uncritically underwrite their message and pose as their promoters, proselyte and professors.  

Wake up by first recognizing that you are asleep, dazed or confused.   

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