Wednesday, June 24, 2020

What is the "New Normal"

To say "normal" is to imply what?  

Perhaps any, all of such as:    

  • Expected
  • Common
  • Average
  • "Like me"
  • Not abnormal 
  • Acceptable (whatever than means) 

Or any other words you may pin the normal.  

But what is normal now--whatever that means--will not so when the  


...arrives at your doorstep.  

How will you know?  

Who will tell you..., 

How can you recognize this NEW NORMAL

Maybe it is like a fairy tale in that if you keep repeating it, it will happen.   
How many times must you say it before it happens, your NORM?  
...and keeps happening over and over again!

Before deciding on the when, what about the what?  

What if the NEW NORM is not normal?  

What if the NEW NORM is a flash in the pan followed by many, many more NORMS?  

What if the NEW NORM is stranger, stupid or senseless or even satanic?  

What then...?  

After all, being normal is NORM until normal loses all semblance of normality.    

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