Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Francis Schaeffer - Courage & Truth

Quite a few years I learned of (and from) Francis Schaeffer.  Thinking of him, his message, the following:  
...Christians are often lacking in courage. We tend to give the impression that we will hold on to the outward forms whatever happens, even if God really is not there. But the opposite ought to be true of us, so that people can see that we demand the truth of what is there and that we are not dealing merely with platitudes. In other words, it should be understood that we take this question of truth and personality so seriously that if God were not there we would be among the first of those who had the courage to step out of the queue.
In the continuation of terms that defy truth and in this age of information is that truth was and is treated with contempt that plays both the plaintiff and the prosecutor, the accuser and the executioner, the means and the end.     

Why do we hate the truth?  

Because the truth is itself very powerful and, in all righteousness, poses a clear and present danger to perversions, the abuses of power.  Again, Francis Schaeffer:  
Truth carries with it confrontation. Truth demands confrontation; loving confrontation, but confrontation nevertheless.
There is no hate or contempt by the truth but rather a love of that which is pure, right and moral.  Thus, any confrontation is not aimed to destroy us but is rather aimed to save us as the truth will set you free.  

Those who challenge the truth and then go further by trying to silence and subdue it are themselves abusers of power -- fiefdoms of falsehoods that impose power by knowingly and purposely misleading and deceiving others.  

Lies beget lies and before you know it, the truth is so distorted as to be false and lies, the supposed truth.  

Who would do such a thing, pervert the truth?     

Anyone and anybody willing to abuse power -- whatever the cause, the costs.  

DOUBLESPEAK and DOUBLETHINK are both methods of such distortions, deception, that leverage the age of information, programming the public to do their bidding -- if just to do nothing but passively accept their dictates, decrees and demands.   

But then the truth will not die, but indeed, will shine a light that so reveals and exposes falsehoods of all varieties from that around us to that within us.   

And should we have the courage to accept such a revelation, the exposure, what then shall we do, how then shall we live?   

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