Thursday, July 2, 2020

More on DOUBLESPEAK (George Orwell)

Any who have read the book, 1984, or have read about it, it's influences, know that DOUBLESPEAK is "political language" engineered to deceive the listener(s); that whether simply texts, audio and especially video, the message is designed and delivered to confuse and then control, to deceive and then dictate -- even to death! 

DOUBLESPEAK is: double-trouble, as not only designed to deceive but also delivered is such a way as to ensure your attention lay where they want it, enervating the right emotions whether cool, calm, comedic or crisis -- each and all aimed to control what you think, how you feel, and what how you act -- or don't.  

DOUBLESPEAK is coy, clever and finally corrupt that is, if you consider a calculated lie as a form of corruption.    


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