Friday, July 3, 2020

THEY LIVE - Do not question AUTHORITY

Without question(s), you must obey AUTHORITY in the same way that a child obeys their parents, often without questions, but either by faith or with fear -- or both.      

Are you a child?  

If not..., and as an adult, 

What can you do about (or beyond) your reasoning; that however nonsensical and nefarious AUTHORITY may be be, their demands, orders and decrees, 

What can you do as an adult?  

Can you say, "No", with the forethought that you are an adult capable of reasoning and questioning, accepting or doubting, even dismissing AUTHORITY that apparently is working against what I believe to be right, good or even moral.   

Can you stand-up against such powers, and if so, what is the cost, the price?  

But then there are other things to consider, the things we have (presumably) and the things we want.  There are gains we each have seemed to have made and still, for some, the expectation of more to come.     

What happens when more is no more or the next more doe not come?  

...or when AUTHORITY can no longer provide prosperity or keep you captivated with all variety of distractions, delusions and drama, or when entertainment becomes an effort and the riches once thought possible are erased in the downturn of the economy, one or more other conditions?   

As it is for now, for most, there is something to be gained when we obey, conform and comply.  Some day your life may depend on your never questioning..., but then, again, at what cost, price?  

On this topic I just began another read; this one titled Man's Search for Himself, the author Rollo May.  He writes on the present society (at the time,1954);  
When a nation is prey to unsupportable economic want and psychologically and is spiritually empty, totalitarianism comes to fill the vacuum and the people sell their freedom as a necessity for getting rid of their anxiety which is too great for them to bear any longer.  
The time is coming when AUTHORITY will be more authoritative, more forceful and feared; a time when the anxiety will pass to apathy unless, by the will of both, hope is found in a spiritual relationship, Christ Jesus.   

What is your will...your source of hope?  

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