Wednesday, July 1, 2020

THEY LIVE - Maintain Social Distancing -- Be Fearful, Afraid

Why 6 feet..72 inches?  

What is it about this distance that is so key, crucial, critical to: 

  • Flattening the curve or 
  • Curtailing the contagion or 
  • Staying safe or 
  • Doing what you're told--never mind the efficacy, facts or anything above arbitrary law
If you don't distance then you don't care about folks.  

Social distancing does nothing to prevent or curtail the spread....  It is not in anyway justified but is yet another example of quasi-law for which we must never question or reason, but rather OBEY, CONFORM, COMPLY.   

Social distancing is to foment more fear among and between folks, further breaking down social strength with the state collecting the spoils.  As this protocol continues along with masking and other measures, the climate and conditions will continue to serve the purpose; distracting society with their health (in more ways than one) while the politic passes more laws that transfer more wealth and control of the monetary system -- the economy and society be damned.   

Lest we forget that the state is always about power no matter what it cost folks.  So put on your mask, shelter in place, maintain social distancing and above all, be afraid.   

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